Bird X Amigos Worldwide

Did you know that millions of pairs of plastic sunglasses and spectacles are thrown away each year?

We really hate that, so we've teamed up with Amigos Worldwide to breathe new life into old frames.

Check out the life-changing work of Amigos and discover how whole communities are being transformed.

Recycle Programme

Give old or unwanted pairs of glasses/sunglasses a new breath of life with our recycle scheme.

We are able to reuse or recycle any pair of glasses/sunglasses (regardless of brand or style).

Simply donate them in recycling boxes found within our network of Bird Eyewear Stockists.

Thriving Today

Through Conservation Farming Groups Amigos train 30-40 adults in each community in conservation farming. This training yields results quickly, with many farmers at least doubling their crop yields even within the first year.

The yields increase further in subsequent years with most tripling or even quadrupling them in comparison to traditional farming practices.

Thriving Tomorrow

Each year Kira Farm Development Centre welcomes up to 50 trainees from 6 districts. These trainees learn vocational, business, communication and conservation farming skills, as well as conflict resolution.

Trainees come to Kira Farm often feeling dejected and without hope, but after a year they re-enter their communities, becoming respected leaders and change-makers.

Thriving Generations

Survival isn’t just about thinking to the next harvest; it’s about implementing long-term strategies for a sustainable future.

Amigos Child Sponsorship Programme does more than sponsor a child; it supports the entire family. Amigos identify Farming Group members who are most in need and provide them with a little bit more support, including helping a child to go to school for a set, three-year period, after which the caregivers will be self-sufficient.

Sustainable Foundations

By equipping each generation to become a changemaker, you can help communities to bring about sustainable change. However, in order to achieve this, they need strong foundations.

This is why Amigos endeavour to install a borehole within each community and provide training in hygiene and sustainable technologies such as energy-saving stoves and tippy-tap construction.

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Beyond Better

Making Better Eyewear for a Better World® is more than a nice-sounding slogan.

Bird Eyewear exists to better the planet in every way we can. Whether it’s through choosing natural materials for our eyewear, or championing the restoration of nature - we exist to be the difference, for a better World, for everyone.

We hope you join us on our planet-changing mission.

Recycle Boxes

We have created co-branded recycling boxes, that are designed to help your staff and customers recycled old frames.

Our recycling boxes are perfect for customer-facing areas to allow patients and staff to recycle any unwanted frames.

Check out the recycling scheme in full here.