• Materials

    Based in the greenest city in the UK; nature is at the heart of what we do and we aim to reflect this in every pair of Birds and the impact they have, whether that’s creating new innovative materials or planting our very own forest.

  • B-Corp

    This year we re-certified as a B-Corp with the incredible score of score of 128.2 points, and we'd like to share why this matters.

    Being a B-Corp means putting our whole business under a giant microscope (and we mean our WHOLE business), everything from financials, raw materials, global shipping, factories, workers, all the way down to how much water our office uses (and everything in between).

  • Recycling

    Did you know that millions of pairs of plastic sunglasses and spectacles are thrown away each year?

    We really hate that, so we are working on something new and exciting using recycled materials. If your business has any old eyewear lying around give them a new breath of life with our sunglasses and glasses recycle scheme.

    If you have frames (of any brand) that have reached the end of their lifespan we can help you recycle them in exchange for a discount on your next order.

  • Bird Forest

    Our goal is to make better eyewear for a better world. That means less b*ulls**t and more action.

    As part of our ongoing drive to decarbonise and in partnership with Devon County Council, and The Devon Wildlife Trust, our Bird Forest will see us plant over 10,000 trees in the next two years, alongside re-wilding and habitat cultivation across a number of sites.

    Our aim is to help create a native, bio-diverse woodland, to pull carbon from our atmosphere and of course create new homes for our feathered friends. And the best part... It's in the UK, right here on our doorstep.

  • Share Your Sun

    Every pair of Birds gives back through our Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid. Helping to distribute solar light to families in Zambia and Malawi, replacing the use of fossil fuel burning lamps. 

    The impact of solar light in rural communities is huge and transforms lives. Alongside their partners at SolarAid, Bird's customers have helped get these solar lights to the rural communities that need them most. Solar lights lower the affordability barrier for even the poorest families to bring light to every home.

  • Love The Oceans

    Bird has partnered with Love The Oceans in Mozambique to help support their team establish a Marine Protected Area in the Inhambane Province, using a bottom-up, community-led approach through research, education and diving. 

    The vision of Love The Oceans is to create a successful conservation strategy that can be replicated up and down the coastline of Mozambique and other developing nations to alleviate poverty and empower local communities to protect their oceans.