Sunglasses for athletic and active lifestyles

The VZN Series seamlessly blends nature’s strengths with performance design to bring you a lightweight and durable frame that’s rooted in adventure. Featuring non-slip technology and elite anti-glare hydrophobic lenses for enhanced visual clarity. Better vision whatever the environment.


HawkX lenses

Experience a new level of clarity with our Hawk ultra-clear lenses. Designed to reduce glare while enhancing colours and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. 5-star UVA rated, with an anti-glare and hydrophobic coating.

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Create your own fit

The VZN Series features our brand-new Active Adjust core, with set-and-stay technology. Adjust your frames to how to like them, and they won’t bounce back like regular sports frames. Meaning you get a bespoke fit every time..

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Featherweight frames

Experience our performance acetate. Made from plants using a patented technology. A low-carbon bio-acetate frame that's lightweight, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, flexible and scratch-resistant.

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